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The Nordic Agency for Sustainable Impact (AB) was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, by award-winning global impact entrepreneurs to provide primarily business clients and development partners with programmatic solutions to accelerate sustainable social and environmental impact and maximize associated financial benefits. 

The Nordic Agency for Sustainable Impact AB is a vision-driven, social and environmental entrepreneurship, limited share-holding private consultancy registered in Sweden and acts in compliance with Swedish Law and EU regulations.

Our vision is to become a global development agency creatively supporting entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our mission is to create collaborative platforms, programs and projects by bringing creative innovators, financiers, and enablers together for the greater good, and support them throughout the process of creating and implementing solutions.

Our History

We have a track record in impact projects in 50+ countries across Asia, Africa, Mideast and Europe, creating and managing partnerships where financial and resource efficiency advances delivery on complex sustainable development strategies. As a leadership principle, we focus on organizing people, processes, funds and resources globally to empower teams, boards, clients, and partners towards result-oriented, inclusive and sustainable development, across cultures.

Prior to establishing the Nordic Agency for Sustainable Impact, the Agency’s founder, Rami Narte created and lead one of, if not the largest, global sustainability program for industrial suppliers and sub-suppliers to international fashion and home-textile brands between 2010-2017. The project achieved great measurable results with 300+ factories supplying 30+ Nordic brands in Bangladesh, China, India, Turkey and Ethiopia. It saved water for millions of people, and gave factories substantial ROI in terms of cost-savings associated with reducing, reusing, and recycling water, energy, chemicals and material.

Our Ethics

We build human capacities, promote impact ownership and empower sustainability leadership with knowledge, experience and network of competence to resolve environmental issues at scale.

Equality is positive

We are strong believers in human-rights-based approaches to everything we do. For us, representation and balance in panels, presentations, and project participation is not enough. Women and men, of all ages, backgrounds and orientations should be actively encouraged to take an influential, interdependent and meaningful role in all phases of our programs and projects.

Integrity is a baseline

We follow the Swedish International Development Agency 's (Sida) regulations and policies on anti-corruption. Working in international development and across cultures, means that we have to constantly control, act on and report any cases of corruption, as well as continuously update our routines to prevent any illicit deals or transactions. Sida's Anti-Corruption Rule can be found here (in English): https://www.sida.se/contentassets/2da155eec7d94a12b25fd370f0ffa515/sidas-anti-corruption-rule--2016-02-29-master.pdf

Confidentiality leads to openness

Confidentiality is key to establish the trust needed within partnerships and to guarantee rights and business integrity. We work in compliance with Swedish Law and EU Regulations and continuously update our policies and non-disclosure agreements accordingly.

Diversity is competetive

We strive to achieve active and competitive representation from different economic backgrounds from low-income and emerging countries, not only industrialized ones. In any set up where we work with global development, it is easy to fall into the traps of trickle-down economics. We believe in an approach that creates horizontal organizations, combining top-down and bottom-up approaches, and empowering ownership among our partners. It is therefore imperative to represent the human diversity needed to achieve real, tangible, and measurable sustainable development in the regions where we operate.

Transparency creates possibilities

Just like confidentiality, transparency is key to establishing a foundation of trust with our partners. It is therefore imperative for us to be straight-forward and honest to our partners about challenges and possibilities, and find solutions together in the most transparent way.

Work-life balance is key

We believe in staying ahead of the curve, and that means that we work with our staff, partners, and boards to continuously improve the conditions of our work both internally and in our sector. We are compliant to Swedish Law in terms of employee benefits (e.g. Parental leave, flexible working hours, work remotely etc). Further we are testing a 6-hour work day as we believe in continuously work-life balance.

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