Our clients

Our clients are looking for a light-weight, trust-worthy, and efficient global development agency with the multi-disciplinary expertise, tools, scale, and networks to accelerate, scale-up and report concrete and measurable impact.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

We develop, manage, supervise and evaluate public-private partnerships (BOTs, BOOs and BOTs). Our focus and experience within this area is on converging environmental sustainability (e.g. water and Energy management), social equity (e.g. governance, democratization, gender, media, diversity and inclusion), and economic viability.

International Donors and Foundations

All over the world we come across great social and environmental programs and very competent organizations. We identify success stories in the areas of social and environmental sustainability and support these programs and organizations to become financially sustainable beyond initial funding. That is one core pillar of our agency’s work – putting the “economic sustainability” in the heart of sustainable development.

Businesses, industries and incubators

Sustainability pays off both in the long and the short term. We customize and manage value-based solutions and programs for businesses to create, monitor, improve and benchmark human, natural and material resource efficiency KPIs through customized, hands-on, on-site change management and training across value chains. Our programs create staggering ROI, save natural resources for thousands of people, regenerates eco-systems and improves work environments and overall brand image and value. We support incubators to accelerate their successful, growth-oriented pilots.

Investors, funds and banks

We have a legacy in introducing, scaling and managing sustainability projects in complex global value chains.  Our founders mobilized more than USD 20 million through voluntary private investments in resource efficiency from industrial actors in Asia and Africa, with an average pay back time of 14-18 months, and staggering ROIs due to improved quality, productivity and resource efficiency. We work with funds and investors in creating investment opportunities that apply economics of scale, one-to-many and many-to-one transactional networks in developing and emerging countries, improving the efficiency of natural, material and human resources sustainably in low to high-risk areas.

Education, training and conference partners

We bridge science, policy and practice in various spheres, integrating social, environmental and economic agenda. We participate and contribute to the organization of global and regional conferences, such as the World Water Week in Stockholm, the Commonwealth biennial Meetings, etc and contribute to seminars and educational programs at reputable universities and training institutions. We develop content, training programs, and contribute to conference organization, outreach, and communications.  We have access to a broad network of speakers and impact partners who specialize in social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

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