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The Nordic Agency for Sustainable Impact acts as the lead for “Water Entrepreneurship” at the Stockholm World Water Week. In order to advance the agenda of water entrepreneurship globally, the Agency has teamed up with Cewas to set-up a global platform for water entrepreneurship enablers: financiers, incubators, accelerators and other types of enablers to create global synergies and collaborative platforms. The first meeting will take place at Norrsken in Stockholm in conjunction with the 2018 World Water Week, to be followed in 2019 with a whole day session at the Week, focused on Water Entrepreneurship.  Among the participating enablers are: USAID, Swiss Development Cooperation, Sida, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the Inter-American Development Bank, Antenna Foundation, Swedish Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Waterpreneurs among others.

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Analysis of Swedish Companies Sustainability Reporting Performance for 2017

The Nordic Agency for Sustainable Impact is leading a highly-educated team of Swedish sustainability experts to analyse the 2017 Sustainability Reports submitted by more than 500 major Swedish companies that are expected to provide non-fiscal reports as per the EU Non-Fiscal Reporting initiative and the Swedish interpretation of that directive. The team checks the quality of the report and its indicators as per the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The team will finalise its assessment before November 2017.

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We work with global fashion brands their textile suppliers and sub-suppliers in Asia, Africa and the Middle East to shift textile production processes towards improved circular use of natural resources like water, material resources like energy, chemical and fabrics, and improved conditions for human resources.

Our staff brings together experience from working on improving productivity, quality, resource efficiency and profitability at more than 300 garment and water processing factories in Asia, Middle East and Africa. 

We assess companies in measuring and improving impact on site, and reporting results that integrate and benchmark industrial KPIs associated with global standards such as ISO 14001 (EMS), Higg Index, ZDHC, STWI, REACH, ACCORD, and other standards. On top of that, we provide market and policy development analysis in our reporting as a standard.

Factories improve their productivity, transparency, profitability, access to investment financing, and overall performance in terms of social and environmental impact. Brands constantly improve their environmental reporting and socio-environmental impact across supply chains. We offer factories access to favorable investment mechanisms to finance required technology upgrades.

Accelerator of Social and Environmental Sustainability
for the MENA region (#ACCSESMENA) and Africa (#ACCSESAFRICA)

ACCSESMENA is a workstream supporting successful, growth-stage pilots, projects, programs and SMEs working on improving Corporate Social Responsibility, Social and environmental sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa.

It operates out of a liaison Office in Amman, Jordan. We support our partners to continuously grow and improve the impact of their work across the region.

ACCSESAFRICA is a new workstream under development – replicating ACCESESMENA for a number of East, North and South African countries.

Improving the impact of Chinese Investments in South East Asia

We are working with our partners in China and Southeast Asia to map Chinese-owned, export industries in South East Asia, and support them to improve their social and environmental performance, and productivity. In parallel we are building capacities of auditors and technical consultancies in these countries.

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Conference organization - World Water Week in Stockholm 2018, 2019

In his role within the Program Scientific Committee of the prestigious World Water Week in Stockholm, the founder of the Nordic Agency for Sustainable Impact is working with WWF, ICMM, Water Foundry and Ericsson’s Garage on convening a full-day seminar on Water, Industry and Ecosystems: taking water stewardship to the next level. For more information please review http://www.worldwaterweek.org/industrys-role-in-ecosystem-management-seminar-at-world-water-week-2018/

For 2019, we are working with the Incheon Technical University in South Korea on a similar follow-up seminar on supporting water entrepreneurs in accelerating water and sanitation impact for all.

Conference Organization - CAPAM biennial Meeting in Guyana 2018

We are working together with the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) on organizing a workshop as part of the Commonwealth Biannial Meeting in Guyana in 2018 to accelerate Sustainable Growth in Commonwealth Small Island Developing States (SIDS) & Least Developed Countries (LDCs) towards achieving Agenda 2030. For more information: https://www.capam.org/events/biennial_conference/2018_biennial.html

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